以下是威廉希尔官网版App的完整指南 基础课程 在英国. We address some common questions about the foundation year and we have curated a list of 基础课程 offered by a number of top UK universities.



The foundation programme is a one-year pre-university course designed to bridge the gap between secondary school and university entry. It is the equivalent of any other pre-university qualifications such as A-levels and International Baccalaureate, 虽然它可能不像其他资格那样被广泛接受.

Foundation programmes will prepare you for a specific field of study – a Foundation in Arts may prepare you for a number of social science subjects while a Foundation in Business may include Business-related modules that will help you grasp the basic concepts of the subject. These courses will also equip you with the necessary skills for academic research, 写作, 和演示.

The foundation year is also an alternative entry option for those who do not meet requirements for a degree programme with their A-level results. 例如, those who do not meet the minimum requirement of AAB for a university programme may be allowed to enrol in the same course under a foundation year entry.

This foundation programme is a pre-university course, not to be confused with the UKFPO基金会 英国医学院毕业生项目. For more information about the foundation programme for medical students and how to progress to become a doctor, 查看威廉希尔官网版App的 在英国学习医学的完整指南 这是关于这个主题的详细描述.

基础或a -level?

A-levels will take two years to complete while 基础课程 are only a year long. 另外, for those who have already made up their mind about what degree they intend to do, 基础课程将为他们的特定课程做最好的准备. A-levels will be more suited for those who are still undecided about which degree they want to pursue.

The caveat about taking a foundation course is that if you change your choice of degree programmes later on, your foundation programme may not be transferable to a different university or to a different discipline compared to A-levels. This is entirely subject to the discretion of each university so it is strongly recommended for those who are sure about which degree they want to do later on. Also do take note that not every course or university will have a foundation year programme.



  1. 那些想提前一年学习的学生
    As the foundation programme only takes a year of studies rather than two for A-levels, 这样可以节省很多时间. A graduate of a 3-year degree programme with a foundation year will complete their studies by the age of 22-23 or so.
  2. 对选择的程度很确定的人
    基础课程将根据您的选择程度量身定制, 是什么让你在本科学习中更有准备, but it also means you might have less flexibility to change courses halfway through.
  3. A-levels成绩不符合入学要求的学生
    This could be either due to taking different subjects than what is required or not meeting the minimum grades.


The following is a list of institutions that offer a foundation course as either an entry option for an undergraduate programme or as a standalone preparatory course. 虽然这不是一个详尽的列表, our picks feature a balanced mix between the university’s performance in university rankings and entry requirements.




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  • 考文垂大学
  • 伯明翰城市大学
  • 伦敦大学
  • 伦敦城市大学
  • 乌维布里斯托尔
  • 埃塞克斯大学
  • 西伦敦大学
  • 诺森比亚大学
  • 华威大学




The first step is to look for popular and high-ranking Universities 在英国 that offer courses you are interested in. 参考上面的表格开始搜索. 以下是申请时需要考虑的几点:

  • 位置
  • 就业能力/毕业前景
  • 费用
  • 准入要求
  • 大学排名

2 .准备工作

Once you have narrowed down the search to your top five universities, the first step is to 准备必要的文件和表格. 这包括学校毕业证书, 考试成绩, UCAS申请表及个人陈述, 可能需要的其他文件.


Full-time foundation programme applications also go through UCAS too – it’s no different from the application process for undergraduate programmes.

The application process for UK universities differs from local universities as applications go through an organisation known as UCAS, 大学和学院招生服务. UCAS负责处理所有英国大学的入学申请, 包括那些像你这样的国际候选人提交的.

确保有更好的机会被录取, it is important that you prepare all the necessary documents and fill out all forms correctly. We also recommend that you apply for multiple universities simultaneously to ensure that you get your preferred offers. 阅读威廉希尔官网版App的 这里是关于UCAS的完整指南


The entire application process might be daunting and lengthy for some, so let us help you. 和威廉希尔官网版App免费预约 today for professional assistance in submitting applications to your preferred UK universities.


准入要求 for foundation year programmes are generally lower than the requirements for undergraduate programmes. 特别是对于基础课程,你将需要一个 离校证书 or a document that proves you have completed the equivalent of the UK’s higher secondary school level. In addition to this, you may need the following to be able to enrol at a foundation programme:

  1. 英语语言测试 ——比如雅思或托福.
  2. 犯罪记录声明(DBS/Disclosure Scotland for Scotland Universities).
  3. 健康检查.
  4. 入学面试.
  5. 个人陈述. 这是一份支持文件,也是你申请英国大学的一部分. 通常, 你要写下你希望通过学习这门课程获得什么, what you plan to do after graduating and why you are applying for this specific university.


A foundation year is a pre-university programme that bridges the gap between secondary school and undergraduate studies. It is a one-year programme that covers all the basic information needed for a specific undergraduate programme.

这在很大程度上取决于大学和课程. 它的费用通常与一年的本科学习相同, 大概在12英镑之间吧,如社会科学等非实验室学科, 一直到24英镑,比如医学等竞争激烈的课程,每年要花上1万英镑或更多.

Applications for full-time study in 基础课程 still go through UCAS as with any application for undergraduate studies.

除了毕业证书, 你可能还需要英语语言测试, 犯罪记录声明, 健康检查, 入学面试和个人陈述的提交.


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